Creating Authentic Content

Hugh MorganApril 19, 20130

The B2Bsales process is much more about discovery and research now than it was even five years ago (see these much cited survey results from Google and CEB, and my post…

Your Marketing and Sales Effort

Hugh MorganApril 11, 20130

In this two minute video clip I describe how to think about your marketing and sales effort. A transcript of my comments follows. Transcript I think it’s most important to…

Morgans 2012

Morgans 2012

Hugh MorganDecember 24, 20121

It was late afternoon on Friday April 13th, I was finishing up work for the week at my home office and saw a call from a number I didn’t know:…

Morgans 2011

Morgans 2011

Hugh MorganDecember 18, 20110

While I was writing this missive, Jennifer noted that “Not much happened this year.” This may not be a bad thing: we are healthy, our house has not been leveled…

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