Hiring Your Sales Team

Hugh MorganMarch 27, 20140

In this two and a half minute video I discuss hiring your sales team. Transcript It’s hard to hire good salespeople. It’s actually harder than you think it would be.…

Developing Your Sales Tools

Hugh MorganMarch 7, 20140

In this video I discuss developing your sales tools. Transcript  So to support your sales team out of the box, you need to have a CRM in place of some…

Designing Your Sales Process

Hugh MorganFebruary 12, 20140

In this two minute video I discuss designing your sales process. Transcript 

Publicity and PR

Hugh MorganJanuary 21, 20140

In this one minute video I discuss publicity and PR. Transcript  PR initially, it’s a little bit like a really dense website or using search engine optimization; you should do…