A Pity, It Seems Like Such a Good Idea

Hugh MorganApril 2, 20210

I wrote this a few years ago – it seems relevant today For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. H. L. Mencken What…

Sum Yourself Up in a Phrase

Hugh MorganApril 1, 20210

It is important to be able to describe yourself in a phrase – your tagline – and it is remarkably difficult to nail down what this phrase is.  If you’re…

Maintain Focus on Your Goals, Not Your Company’s

Hugh MorganMarch 30, 20210

If you’ve been at a company for more than five years, your experience, mindset and “Personal Brand” will increasingly be oriented to its goals.  This is fine if that is…

Salesforce Sucks

Salesforce Sucks

Hugh MorganMarch 26, 20210

Salesforce is, in the end, a database with a reporting engine bolted onto it for use by managers. The search function is weak, the number of clicks it takes to…

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